NetObjects Web Design Placeholder[Cuddles Cat Rescue is a
non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to humanely reducing the feral and stray cat population in the Thurmont, Maryland area. 

With our Trap-Neuter-Return program, feral cats are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated and sterilized by veterinarians.  Healthy adult cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their familiar habitat under the care of volunteers or those people already feeding them. 

Under our adoption program, the kittens and tame adults that are adoptable are temporarily placed with foster families until they can be permanently adopted into good forever homes.

Cuddles Cat Rescue has applied for a 501(c)3 non-profit status.  We rely heavily on donations to pay for our veterinary bills, medications, and prescription food for our fosters, as well as food and supplies for our feral colony volunteers.

There are several feral colonies in the town of Thurmont.  Since last fall, Karen Kinnaird and Kristen Allen have caught six feral cats in one colony and had them sterilized and released.  One kitten who was sick and had severe eye problems was taken home by Kristen and nursed back to health with help from the veterinarian.  Bella, as the new kitten was named, is now living in her forever home and she is a beautiful cat.  She is blind in one eye but is the sweetest kitten thanks to Kristen.  Bella is a great inspiration to what our organization stands for and she is our official mascot.

Cuddles Cat Rescue is looking for volunteers to help with feeding and trapping the feral cats and driving them to and from the veterinarian for sterilization.  We are also looking for volunteers to be foster families for the kittens and adult tame cats before they are adopted.  Our goal at Cuddles Cat Rescue is to have our own building to keep food, supplies, traps, cages, and to be our adoption center.

Please help Cuddles Cat Rescue by donating your time and/or money.  Also, if you or anyone you know has an empty building that could be used as our Adoption Center, please contact us at  info@cuddlescatrescue.com




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